This is the place where I write about all my adventures from around the world. I based in Portugal at the moment and mostly writing about this beautiful country landscape. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

If you are into crazy adventures, like I do, you must visit the Gesäuse National Park in the Heart of Austria. The Salza river
I visited Tenerife to explore the island and hike Spain’s Vulcano Mount Teide; that seemed an easy thing to do, but we were facing
Since I live in Portugal, I am always searching for places that are relatively popular with tourists. Although I found the Zezere river on
Baleal Island is a magical place for me; I come here often because it has lots of outdoor activities. This place means freedom to
I was lucky to visit Porto Covo a few times since I live in Portugal, which got my attention with its beautiful rocky beaches