Porto Covo and its Hidden Beaches

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Gabor Boszormenyi

I was lucky to visit Porto Covo a few times since I live in Portugal, which got my attention with its beautiful rocky beaches and lovely atmosphere. In this article, I will give some tips on when to visit and tell you some of the hidden beaches.

Let’s dive in.

Porto Covo is located in southern Portugal in Alentejo, only a 2-hour drive from Lisbon. It’s a famous tourist attraction mainly because of its charming architecture and beautiful beaches. It’s a perfect gateway for families or friends who need an easy and chill vacation.

porto covo
Photo by Craveiro

The main square is full of little cafes and shops selling traditional little cakes and souvenirs. The main pedestrian street is full of restaurants where you can eat delicious fish dishes that the local fishermen probably caught in the morning.

Porto Covo Weather

The best time to visit Porto Covo is from June until the end of September. May and October can still be very sunny since the average sunny hours a month are 200, besides that you can experience some rain in spring and autumn.

Be prepared with sun blockers because Porto Covo is hot in the summer, although the ocean keeps the weather balanced.

If you are into some adventure or photography, you should visit in the following month: November-March. Since there are many passing storms, the atmosphere can be very moody, and you can shoot a picture like this.

Hidden beaches of Porto Covo


Probably the most beautiful beach I have ever been. It’s only a few hundred meters from the center of the town and has beautiful rock formations. The beach is pretty big, so you will have plenty of space if you visit.

I had visited this place on a hot summer day; there were lots of sand in the atmosphere, which turned the whole landscape into a beautiful scene.

Let the picture talk for themselves.

Praia da Samoqueira
porto covo samoqueira beach
porto covo samoqueira beach

Besides the famous beaches, you can explore some hidden gems through small caves. Just make sure to keep your eyes on the high tide; otherwise, you will get wet. Some of them are difficult to approach, so definitely be careful with the rocks.

Praia do Banho

Go and explore because this beach has exciting little pathways to other bigger and smaller strands through some rocky caves. You can roam them when the tide is low like I did; fortunately, nobody was there, so I took some great pictures of these hidden gems.

porto covo beach
Hidden beaches

Praia do Sissal & Praia do Pessegueiro

There are more attractive beaches down south, only 2 kilometers from Porto Covo. I would suggest grabbing some water and explore this area on foot since it’s very close to town. Pass the little bay and ascend upon the small cliffs. Proceed to walk on the dirt road until you find narrow pathways towards the ocean. If you are lucky, you will find these hidden shores with less or even no people since it’s challenging to get down to them. 

Porto covo Praia do Sissal

The Next one is Praia do Pessegueiro, which means the “beach of the little peach tree.” It got its name from the island close by Ilha do Pessegueiro. I only captured this beach with my drone; it is neatly showing the beach’s scale.

Praia do Pessegueiro
Pessegueiro Island
Pessegueiro Island

Some of the beaches of Porto Covo are a bit difficult to access but definitely worth visiting them since you can easily have these little shores all for yourselves.

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