Sony A1 Launch film

In 2021 February my friend Gabor Nagy photography contacted me that Sony approached him to shoot a movie of their new camera the Sony A1. So we started the plan of a trip to Madeira since we thought it’s the best place to showcase the camera features on this versatile island. After an idea is formed in Gabor’s mind we started to gather locations for the script then we spent 1 month in Madeira to shoot the film.

Since you can’t control the condition of a landscape environment sometimes we had to go back to a location 7 times just to get the light right. But I guess that was the beauty of it and that’s why we are all are very satisfied with the results.

Written and directed: Gábor Nagy
Director Of Photography: Gábor Böszörményi-Kovács
Editor: Tomi Szabó
Colourist: Lacó Gaál
Camera Assistant: Andrea Kovács
Composer: Pete Davis
Sound design & mix: Gábor Nagy